Some time has passed and of course, everything turned out completely differently than expected. Reminder: we started introducing emergency degu Punk to emergency degus Glam and Rock and things looked really great – initially. They were already talking and cuddling through the separation grid, so we dared to put them together last week. The first half an hour was pretty harmoneous, alas, they started to fight and things escalated quickly. Rock bit Punk’s lower lip and didn’t want to let him be no matter what. Eventually, we had to separate them forcefully, wearing biker gloves for our own protection. We tended to Punk’s wounds and removed the sand bath to reduce the risk of infection.

After this incident and because of the fact that they had already escaped the temporary cage three times at that point, we decided to move them to the monster cage which is also equipped with separation grids. The group of 8 had to move and our seniors space was reduced to one level in order to make space in the lowest level for the three goos. Another reason behind the move is not only security ( they really cannot escape from there since it’s reinforced with aluminium, glass and epoxy) but the fact that no matter how long it takes, it is a safe and spaceous home, so they can take all the time they need to get to know and hopefully like each other.

We de- and reconstructed the temporary cage, expanding one side and replacing the middle part with solid plastic parts so they could not climb up all the way to the top anymore. I also added door elements but not even 4 seconds after putting the goos inside, this turned out to be a very bad idea – they could open them! They are now secured with zip ties. Franky & co are in the bigger half of the temporary cage and Korn is now on the other side. The introduction process has started, but it didn’t look all too well in the beginning. Of course, they started exploring each and every corner of their new, temporary home, but soon after, they realised the presence of Korn through the separation grid and vice versa. Kimi immediately started to chatter with his teeth and to wag his tail which both are signs of aggression but also excitement. Korn himself seemed positively excited to see, hear and smell other degus. Poor him had been alone for very long now.¬†

¬†Since a new running wheel from the Laufradschmiede arrived today, we gave it to Franky and his fellows. In turn, Korn got their old, uncleaned wheel, in hope he would take on their smell from it. We also put sand baths into each half which we will be exchanging every now and then for them to get used to each other. Since Korn’s wounds healed up properly, it is safe to use a sand bath and he seemed to be enjoying it and the wheel very much.

Foo and Fighter did not take notice of Korn yet as well as Franky who just quickly acknowledged his presence and then let him be. These are indeed good signs, but we’ll wait and see. We hope, Kimi will calm down in time.

One last thing: we had been told that the approximate age of the 4 emergency degus is around two years, however we have come to think that Korn is around 6 months old (he is not fully grown yet!) and maybe even Punk is younger than expected. We guesstimate between 6 and 12 months.


We now have a new, happy group of six!

We now have a new, happy group of six!

I haven't been posting for a long time, but now there are good news to be told. What has happened since my last post? Around New Year's we put Franky & Co. together with Korn since things looked good at the separation grid. The first couple of hours, it looked...