I haven’t been posting for a long time, but now there are good news to be told.

What has happened since my last post? Around New Year’s we put Franky & Co. together with Korn since things looked good at the separation grid. The first couple of hours, it looked really well: harmony, degupiling – we were delighted by that sight. After some hours, small ranking fights began, but nothing serious enough to make us separate them. Unfortunately, over the next three days, things started to change for the worse (furball of death = bites into the neck region) and we were left with no option but to remove Korn – the aggressor in this case – again from the group in order to save the others. Franky was severely injured with deep wounds on his back and a severed tail. Fighter was also injured but his wounds were much lighter.

We began to tend to their wounds in their own cage, however we soon realised that Franky wasn’t getting any better. His wounds were healing but he was losing weight and becoming slow and apathic. We went to the vet and were told that he had teeth issues. They corrected the teeth that had wounded his tongue, gave us pain killers for him and he quickly started gaining weight again, returning to being the sunshine we are used to.

 So Franky, Kimi, Fighter and Foo stayed alone in their cage for some weeks until all were fully recovered. Afterwards we started to introduce them to Glam and Rock (who also couldn’t be put together with Korn) in the temporary cage. This time, the process was clearly different: they noticed each other pretty quickly and were nervous and agitated for a few days. Then they started to ignore each other for weeks. Since some days ago, they started sleeping next to each other at the separation grid, sometimes chatting, sometimes being envious of nuts I have given one group and wasn’t fast enough to give to the other. Since this weekend was rather calm, we decided to seize the chance and put them together in the big wooden cage.

At the beginning, they started to explore every corner of their home as usual. This lasted for about quarter an hour after which the first ranking fight began: Kimi, who took over the alpha position when Franky was sick, and Rock, the alpha of the other group. They shoved each other around for a while, kicked here and there. Sometimes we’d see a degu flying through the air, sometimes we’d just hear them chattering with their teeth. All in all, a normal ranking fight and nothing serious. It only lasted for a few minutes. It reminded us of the very civilised ranking fight we had witnessed with Diegu and Papa. After that, there were two more fights: Foo and Kimi as well as Foo and Fighter, but in both cases Foo was no match to them. While Foo was still busy trying to abandon the position as the omega of the group, Franky and Glam were already degupiling under a wooden bridge.

 We stayed in front of the cage for several hours, since a friend who is a breeder, told us hat the first 8 hours are the most critical. That time frame is now over and they are still harmoneous, degupiling together in their tipi as you can see in the picture.

Plan A failed, plan B has been started

Plan A failed, plan B has been started

Some time has passed and of course, everything turned out completely differently than expected. Reminder: we started introducing emergency degu Punk to emergency degus Glam and Rock and things looked really great - initially. They were already talking and cuddling...

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